3 Survival DIY Water Purifying Methods You can Do…

What Water Purifying Methods do you know ?

For thousands of years, survivalists, preppers and people that found themselves in extreme SHTF situations had to find ways to get their clean water.

All of this without the comfort that we have today, their number one priority was simple… SURVIVE! And you can only survive without water for maximum of 3 days…

To do that they had to come up with some pretty creative and simple ideas to get clean water.

So here are some simple methods with minimal equipment you can apply anywhere:

1.Boil your Water

Chances are if you are reading this article that you are not in the wild…

…now if you go out in the wild or get in some SHTF situation you will need to find some water and if you’re not sure if it’s clean or not, the simplest and probably the best method is to boil it.

Be a real prepper…

…and get yourself the proper materials to filter and boil the water, here are the necessaries that you always need to have in a survival situation:

  • Have a metal canister with you…..always!Water Purifying boiling
  • Get some waterproof matches
  • Buy yourself a lighter in case the matches do not work as a backup
  • Have some dry tinder (not the app) with you to start a fire
  • Next light a fire, pour the filtered water in the canister and let it boil for about 3 minutes, this way you make sure you it kills all the pathogens.

2. Make a Water Collecting Pit

It might not always be possible to get a water source in the wilderness. Sometimes there might not be nearby water sources and you will need to walk for a very long distance to find a water source…

…In such a situation, you will need to be very creative. Making evaporation traps on the ground is one of the creative ways to get water without a water source.Water collecting pit

  • First, you will need to scout the area. Look for spots on the land that look like there was a river bed. This is important because you are more likely to get water in such an area.
  • ​Once you have located the spot you need to dig, dig a hole that is about 1.5ft deep. For dryer land however, you might need to dig further.
  • ​Get any kind of plant preferably non-poisonous plants and throw them into the hole you dug out
  • ​Take an empty cup or bowl shaped recipient and place it at the center of the hole, surrounded by leaves.
  • ​Next, take a plastic bag and cover the hole with it.
  • ​Seal the plastic bag by pouring sand around the bag.
  • ​Place a small rock at the center of the plastic wrap but keep it from touching the bowl.
  • ​Wait for the sun to evaporate water.
  • And you have some water that you collected from moisture in the ground and leaves.

3. Use a Stone…

Let’s talk about a SHTF situation where you don’t have a water canister, in that case I got you covered also but you will need a few items:

  • Have a box of waterproof matches or lighter for backup
  • Have some tinder so you can start a fire
  • Find a bowl shape tree bark or carve one from a piece of wood
  • Find a bunch of small rocksRock Boiling Water Purifying System

Here’s what you do:

  1. You prepare a nice tinder fire, after it had created some ash you start placing your small rocks in the pit so they can heat up.
  2. In the meantime add water in your bowl and place it next to you.
  3. When the stones are hot enough start placing one stone at a time in the water until it starts to boil (what this does it releases heat so fast that makes the water boil).
  4. Boil it for 3 minutes to make sure all the pathogens are dead and take the rocks out, wait for the water to cool… Voila! you have clean water.

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I’m sure this will bring value to any serious prepper and survivalist that takes Survival serious !

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